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Recording West Africa's Visible Archaeology

African Legacy -  Dr Patrick Darling

School of Conservation Sciences - Bournemouth University, UK

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 Benin IyaClick for more info on Benin Iya
Sungbo's EredoClick for more info on  Sungbo's Eredo
Agbon CaveClick for more info on Agbon Cave  living rock shelter
 Old Oyo/KossoClick for more info on  Old Oyo/Kosso old town walls
 Old OwuClick for more info on  Old Owu
 16,000 km long
  up to 20m deep
 living rock shelter
  old town walls
  moats in laterite

Furnace drip-pit
Kano City GateClick for more info on  Hausaland walls
 Yam barn
Click for more info on  cultural landscape
 Nok terracotta
Click for more info on  Antiquities looting
Climate Change
Click for more info on  Desert sand in rainforest!
desert sand in 
the rainforest

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